gifts for preteen girls, part 2

I’m back with another round of gifts my 12-year-old daughter thinks her friends would LOVE.

But, first, I have to share a disclaimer: I’m buying only a few of these products for my daughter. I’m concerned about these girls’ focus on “skincare” and their desire for extremely expensive creams and serums. I love the idea that they’re taking care of their skin, but influencers have convinced them that they need very pricey products. It’s become a status symbol. I guess it’s no different from designer jeans or purses, like the ones I coveted as a teen, but I still have my guard up.

That said, these are gifts that preteen girls will absolutely love. And my daughter does all kinds of research and uses all the testers in Sephora (as I’m standing behind her, hollering, “Don’t put that on your mouth!”). So you can rest assured that these gifts will be a hit with the sweet preteens in your life.

And some more ideas, including makeup. I allow her to experiment with makeup at home, but she’s not allowed to wear anything other than lip gloss to school. (I have a feeling she’s been wearing highlighter to school, too. Maybe Santa will leave coal in her stocking!)

I hope these ideas are helpful! Happy shopping and wrapping!

I’ll be back before Thanksgiving with some gift ideas for girlfriends, moms, or YOU!

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