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Gift ideas for her — moms, girlfriends, sisters, friends

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! In case you’re scouring the internet for gifts, like I am, I thought it might be helpful to share some fun gift ideas for the ladies in your life! Except for the slippers, which I’m hoping to receive this year, all of these items are things I own and love. 100% recommend!

Quay sunglasses (I ordered an extra pair so I’m never without these sunglasses — they’re that good) | leopard-print slippers | sunscreen | apron (I ordered this for my sister!) | nail polish clear coat (Amazon Affiliate link)| Let the Beet Drop shirt

Gifts for tween boys and girls

It can be so hard to buy gifts for tweens! They’re too old for toys, too young for more grown-up stuff. They’re growing into their own people, which is exciting, but during this time of change it can be hard for parents to find the perfect gift that suits tweens where they are right now.

We’ve got four tween kids in our house — two boys and two girls — and we’re in full-on Christmas mode. If you’re shopping for tweens, too, maybe some of these ideas will help you out.

(And, please, if your kids know our kids, don’t show these guides to them! We’re trying to keep some secrets around here.)

Backyard Ballistics | History by Mail | Bob Has No Arms Shirt | Ninjango Lego set, Hydro Bounty (Amazon affiliate link) | How to Speak Dog

Hey Clay Animals | Maya Angelou scarf | unicorn loofah | henna tattoos | Unicorn Fruit Whipped Body Butter | gold locket

even more hostess gifts, all $30 and under!

I have parties on the brain, I think! I find myself looking for hostess gifts all the time lately, so I thought I’d share some more suggestions with you. None of these are affiliate links. In fact, several are items I already own or plan on giving as gifts. I’ve already purchased a Virginia cutting board as a gift for some dear friends who’ve invited us to Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. City Skyline Slate Cheese Board
  2. State Dish Towel
  3. Large Sloth Hanging Planter
  4. State Cutting Board
  5. Girl’s Face Planter
  6. Candlesticks (candles not included)

If you’re strapped for time, consider picking up a nice bottle of olive oil and tying a ribbon around the top. A friend gave us some delicious olive oil a few years ago, and it was a hot commodity in our house — plus, we thought about her every time we had a salad!

Happy partying this holiday season!

Hostess gifts from Amazon — all $30 or under!

Now that the holiday season is on its way, I’ve been thinking about hostess gifts! After the last year and a half, I’m SO happy to get back in the swing of socializing and spending time with dear friends.

I’m always on the hunt for hostess gifts beyond the regular bottle of wine, so I put together some ideas for you. All are $30 or under and will arrive to your door quickly! Many of these are items I’ve purchased in the past and have absolutely loved.

(Please note that the links below are affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission if you purchase one of these items, but there’s no additional cost to you.)

Olive and Linen makes luxurious towels for the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve bought many of them over the years, and I’ve found their products to be very high quality. The towels last forever and look great, wash after wash. Most of their towel sets are over $30, but I found this cute one for only $28. Better get it now!

People rave about this candle on Amazon, and for good reason! I bought one a few days ago as a thank-you gift for a friend, and it smells like an old-fashioned Christmas. I’m going to buy some extra ones in case we get any last-minute party invitations (fingers crossed)!

This cookbook is one of our favorites, and it’s a great choice for families with kids. Maria’s banana bread recipe is delicious, and I appreciate their focus on quick, healthy dinners that are easy for harried parents to pull together at the last minute.

This cookbook was written by the owner of our favorite Cuban cocktail bar in NYC. The bar closed a few years ago, sadly, but we still LOVE this book and use it all the time. It would be a cute gift combined with a package of paper umbrellas — instant party! Keep in mind, though, that some of the liquor needed for the recipes can get pricey, so this isn’t a great gift for someone on a strict budget.

This cookbook, written by one of my favorite food bloggers, has been on my list for a while. In fact, I’m buying a copy today for a dear friend’s birthday. And I highly recommend the blog — — for healthy, vegetarian recipes that are accessible to everyone and don’t require unusual ingredients. This is one of the few vegetarian cookbooks that appeals to meat-eaters as well as vegetarians, vegans, and everything in between!

These oven gloves would be a great gift for someone hosting a BBQ or a s’mores party! We gave John a pair last year for Christmas, and we use them almost daily. They’re big enough for his hands (which is saying something!), but people with smaller hands (like me) can use them, too. He appreciates the fact that they protect his wrists when he’s working on the grill.

I’ve got more gift guides coming to you soon. Happy party planning!