last-minute Halloween ideas

I can hardly believe that Halloween is tomorrow! My costume is barely coming together, and Maggie’s is still en route. Are you dressing up this year? Handing out candy?

If you’re hosting a celebration at your house or bringing a tray of food to someone else’s house, I have some quick and easy ideas for you. Inspired by Two Peas and their Pod, I made a Halloween snack tray yesterday using mostly items we had on hand.

  • blue tortilla chips
  • store-bought guacamole with a few eyeball candies from Michaels sprinkled in
  • yogurt pretzels
  • chocolate graham crackers with words piped in white royal icing
  • Halloween-colored M&Ms
  • cheese balls
  • witches’ brooms
  • peeled Cuties
  • plastic spiders from Michaels

I made witches’ brooms using half a cheese stick, a pretzel stick, and a chive to hold it all together. I doubt it was delicious, but it was super cute and easy!

We also had cookies shaped like witches’ fingers using this recipe. Super gross but very tasty! They didn’t turn out quite like the photos in the recipe, but I had fun making them. I made a little sign saying “nuts” for our friend who’s allergic.

Since COVID, all of our gatherings have been in our backyard, and I’ve been using our potting table as an impromptu drink table. I fold a tablecloth over the top to cover the dirty wood and set out wine bottles, cups, and a corkscrew. We have beer and seltzer in an ice tub nearby. Very easy!

How are you celebrating Halloween? And are you wearing a costume? Let us know in the comments!

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