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Do you decorate for Halloween? Over the past few years I’ve amassed quite a lot of spooky and silly decorations, but this year I wanted to do something different. I left most of those plastic decorations in the storage box and instead decided to try some low-cost (or even free) DIY decorations for our dining room and living room.

I used black cardstock to make a witch’s hat for one of the portraits in our living room, and I cut out some bats for another part of the room. I attached all of these items using sticky tabs I bought from Amazon. (They’re supposed to be paint- and wall-safe, but I haven’t tried to remove any of these decorations yet.)

I picked up a relatively cheap faux spider web set at Michaels and used it for the mantel.

In the dining room, we have portraits of people who inspire us. I bought some small wreaths from Michaels, spray painted them black, and added extra twigs plus spiders, stuffed ravens, and a plastic snake. I’m not totally sold on these wreaths, so I might transform them into something else for the Christmas season. But I still had fun making them!

On our dining room sideboard, I have a framed picture of some witches laughing together and sharing team. (The photo is from Etsy but is no longer for sale, unfortunately.)

I also have some faux fall foliage that I bought on Amazon, and it looks great on our table. Such an easy way to bring in the fall feeling!

And if you’re thinking about hosting a party, these pics from a party we hosted a few years ago might be helpful. I had such a ball making these snacks!

Happy decorating!

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