DIY Serena & Lily Poetto Vase

Serena & Lily has the most beautiful home decor, but it’s so pricey! Their catalog arrives at our house every few months, and I love to sit down with a cup of tea and leaf through it. One of my favorite bloggers, Nesting with Grace, uses a lot of Serena & Lily items throughout her home–if you haven’t seen her blog, it’s drool-inducing–and she often features the gorgeous Poetto vase. I’ve coveted this vase for a while but can’t justify the price tag.

This weekend, I experimented a bit and came up with an easy DIY for a lookalike vase. And the total cost was under $20!

This vase was $15 at World Market. (No link available, but this one is similar.)

I measured four inches from the bottom and used a sharpie to mark a line around the vase (the ink wipes off easily with rubbing alcohol), but then I ended up ignoring the marks and winging it. I applied blue painters’ tape and rubbed the bottom seal of the tape flat with my fingernail. Then I taped a plastic grocery bag around the top, securing it at the paint line. At this point, all of the vase was covered except for the bottom below the tape line. No need to remove the price tag on the bottom of the vase — just paint over it!

Spray paint time! I used Rustoleum’s white semi-gloss spray paint with primer. This job required two quick coats (give it about an hour to dry between coats).

Once the paint was dry, I removed the plastic bag and the tape. There were a few places where the paint seeped through the tape or the line wasn’t as clear as I’d like, and I cleaned those up with a razor blade.

This morning, we added electric candles and styled the vase on a wooden lazy susan with plants. I’m pleased as punch with this new vase, and I’m especially happy that we spent less than $20 on the whole project!


  1. Maureen NesSmith | 28th Feb 22

    I am going to make at least two of those vases. Love it. Thank you for providing me with great ideas!!!

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