easy DIY pine cone photo Christmas ornaments

I love to make things this time of year, but I also get overwhelmed easily. Are you the same way?? After seeing the idea below in a magazine (I can’t remember which one), I figured I could handle this type of craft — it’s almost foolproof, and it looked really fun!

Here are the steps I followed. I promise, it was really easy!

First, choose some old photos that make you feel happy and loved! I found pictures of me as a baby with each of my parents. (Can you handle the 70’s decor??) Second, make a color copy of each photo.

Cut the copies into a shape (any shape you’d like) and cut some cardboard into roughly the same shape but a little bigger. No need to cut perfect lines! Use a glue stick to attach the photo to the cardboard.

Third, gather some dry pinecones and pull them apart. Trim the ends where the pieces of the pine cone attached to the stem. (I’m not sure exactly how to describe this, so please see the photo below!)

Trim here

Fourth, using a hot glue gun, attach the pieces around the outside edge of the cardboard. If you’d like, glue them on in layers and add a few that are a little haphazard.

first layer of pine cone “art”
multiple layers of pine cone “art”

Finally, glue a ribbon to the back and hang on the tree! Sit back and enjoy!


  1. Bill | 17th Dec 21

    Ingenious idea with the pine cones.

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