4 easy ways to make your home more enjoyable

During the past year and a half, our family has spent so much time in our house. So. Much. Time. And it’s got me thinking about the easy ways we can make our homes more enjoyable. I’ve noticed I feel more relaxed and less anxious when at least one room in the house is put-together and relatively clear of clutter. Anyone else feel that way?

1. fancy soap dispensers

I probably use more soap than anyone else in the house (go figure), and these dispensers (affiliate link) are a silly little thing, but they never fail to make me smile. Plus, this setup with the faux marble tray (affiliate link) was very inexpensive. I gave the same set to my parents and sister for Christmas last year!

2. new drawer hardware

My parents gave us this old lingerie dresser, and I never really took care of it. The top was covered with junk (artfully cropped out of the photo), and the cords were a mess. After a good cleaning and a spiffy upgrade with new handles from CB2, the dresser looks better than ever!

Funny enough, after investing a little time and money in this space, I’ve kept it looking exactly like the photo with minimal effort.

3. gold switch plates

This one feels silly, but I swear it makes our home more enjoyable! We ordered gold switch plates from Home Depot a few months ago, and they make everything feel fancier!

4. plants – real and faux

We have a ton of live plants around the house — they really deserve their own blog post! — but lately I’m finding faux plants to be almost as beautiful (and worry-free). I’m especially partial to displaying plants at varying heights, including hanging baskets from the ceiling and balancing pots on small pedestals or footstools.

These succulents (affiliate link) are faux and were very inexpensive! The container is from World Market a few years ago.

I hope some of these ideas resonated with you! We still have a long way to go, but our house is feeling cozier every day.


  1. mmsnana | 18th Nov 21

    I was hoping that you would have a list of your suggestions for holiday shopping.

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