painting vases with baking soda to add texture

So many people on Instagram have been experimenting with baking soda and paint, and I had to jump on the bandwagon. Turns out this is a VERY easy way to add texture to vases. The hardest part is washing the clumpy paint out of the paintbrush afterward.

I used primer for the green vase on the right but not the plant pot on the left, and it turns out that primer isn’t really necessary. I had to do two coats of paint for both items anyway.

To mix the paint, I used a ratio of about 1:2 of baking soda to paint. The final result was the consistency of pudding. The video below shows the technique that worked best for adding texture.

And these pictures show the steps along the way. I kept the plant in the pot the whole time!

For the plant pot, I used Alabaster by Sherwin Williams, and for the green vase I used Sage by Jolie. (Jolie paints are amazing for a matte finish on furniture.)

Happy painting!

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