celebrating everything: the final baby tooth

Our oldest daughter lost her last baby tooth last week! The actual moment was kind of uneventful — we were in a diner when the tooth came out, and I wrapped it in a paper napkin . . . and then left it on the table. I was so frustrated with myself — I really would’ve liked to keep her very last baby tooth!

Lately, as I feel time slipping by, I’ve resolved to celebrate everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. So a few months ago when the dentist told me she had one baby tooth left, I planned a little celebration and ordered a tooth-shaped cookie cutter and some tooth straws.

On the day that she finally lost that last baby tooth, I think she was happily surprised when she came down to dinner and saw that we were celebrating this transition into adulthood (or adult teeth, at least). I made cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of teeth and decorated them with royal icing and edible gold glitter. And we all used tooth straws for our water glasses. I think this relatively small effort made her feel special, and it gave a celebratory air to our otherwise boring weeknight dinner of leftovers.

What small things have you been celebrating? Can you share any fun ideas? Please let me know in the comments!

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